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Control unauthorized usage of rented asset and equipment

Create a location-based insight

Trusted is designed to support the rental industry and is an ideal solution for minimizing risks and costs. Furthermore, it is simple to install in all kinds of assets or equipment at any time. Trusted GPS tracking devices and cloud-based management solution improve efficiency and safety of asset and equipment during the rental.

Obtain global overview and daily real-time reports of location and conditions. This prevents damage, misuse and theft of assets and equipment that can be translated into lower insurance costs. In case of an incident, the sensors will notify you and provide the exact time and location.

Case story

Tracking solution has improved the business of the rental company, Hyrsam

Hyrsam is using Trusted tracking devices and Trusted Visibility Suite™ to control the usage of rented assets and equipment outside rented periods.

Learn how Hyrsam is using tracking in the rental business

Utilization of rented asset or equipment

The utilization feature enables you to measure asset performance and working hours – thereby you can control the usage of rented assets and equipment outside agreed rental periods or outside permitted areas.

Trusted enables you to integrate the data into existing third-party ERP and management systems via our well-documented API.


  • Cost saving
  • Monitor the exact location of the asset during the rental period
  • Visibility of assets and non-powered equipment
  • Keep track of factual data
  • Theft and loss recovery
  • Control of hours and unauthorized usage
  • Examine idle assets and equipment
  • Integrate into existing third-party ERP and management systems


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