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Case Story

Fårup Beton optimized fleet management by tracking their trailers for concrete elements

Discover how Fårup Beton improved fleet visibility and decreased outage times with Trusted tracking solution.

Fårup Beton is a Danish company that develops, produces and delivers concrete products for the construction industry. Fårup Beton has invested in trailers to transport the concrete-elements to the construction sites.

They were looking for a solution to manage and improve the daily overview of their trailers loaded with concrete. They wanted to optimize their business flow and assure that the trailers are empty as short time as possible or lost somewhere. Thereby return them and fill the trailers up with new concrete-elements to minimize unnecessary site storage and handling.

Furthermore, they were looking for a solution to secure that the drivers are only using them for transportation of the concrete elements from Fårup Beton. They are using extern drivers, and it can, therefore, be difficult to control that the drivers are using them for competitors’ elements.

Fårup Beton found that Trusted was an ideal solution that has provided a daily overview and improved their logistic flow.

Moreover, the field at the headquarter in Fårup is 4,5 acres. Therefore, it is also beneficial for them to know, where the drivers should pick up the concrete elements. They have a lot of trailers, so it is good to have a daily overview.



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