juin 17, 2019

Tracking the Training Ship DANMARK to the Caribbean

A Trusted S1 Iridium global tracking device has been displayed on the Training Ship DANMARK with the purpose of fine-tuning configurations of the device.

The Training Ship DANMARK was once again berthed to the dock in Frederikshavn in the Northern part of Denmark after a trip to the Caribbean. It has been on a voyage across the Atlantic Ocean with a crew of 80 young people, who spent 3½ months for basic training in maritime skills.

June 6, 2019, Niels Henrik Olesen, CEO at Trusted received his daughter Frederikke at the dock in Copenhagen after three months at sea. It was a nice reunion which they celebrated in Copenhagen before the ship continued to Frederikshavn. Frederikke is the second of Niels daughters who have been sailing with the training ship.

Global tracking: Coverage across the Atlantic Ocean

At Trusted, we are very happy that the captain, Kurt Andersen, let us place and test an Iridium tracking device on the Training Ship DANMARK. It was very interesting to follow its route over the Atlantic all the way to the Caribbean. It has successfully been sending a transmission to the server every 6 hours with a GPS position every hour.

The S1 iridium tracking device has again proved that it can communicate at open sea enabling truly global tracking.

S1 is an Iridium satellite tracking device that supports coverage from any given position on the globe. Iridium is the most reliable mobile satellite communication network in the world as it communicates with 55 satellites. This means the battery-driven S1 ensures that you maintain full visibility anywhere on the globe.

The Training Ship traveled 10.951 nautical miles across the Atlantic and again back to Denmark – that is almost 20.000 km.

Training Ship DANMARK

Training ship DANMARK is one of Denmark’s two training ships and is part of the basic training for ship assistants at MARTEC. Each year, 80 trainees take on a training voyage that gives them experiences for a lifetime, and the opportunity to train the skills of cooperation, tolerance, and responsibility.

Many trainees choose to join for a voyage after they have completed a secondary education. It is often young people who want a career at sea, become engineers or work for the Maritime industry.

The S1 tracking device can withstand all weather conditions

Some days on the ship can be hard with cold weather, rain, wind and big waves. The Trusted S1 Iridium tracking device can perform in the toughest of environments for truly global tracking. It is designed in a robust and IP69k rated enclosure that can stand all-weather conditions in temperatures ranging from -30C to +85C.

Although the weather can be tough, there have been good days with multiple events to celebrate. Among other things, they celebrated the national day of Norway, May 17, where they raised the flag of Norway. Frederikke could also celebrate her birthday during the voyage. When one of the crew has a birthday, they always celebrate it with a traditional Danish birthday cake.

April 28, the crew was allowed to jump in the 6 km deep sea. The coordinates from the Trusted portal are showing the stop where the trainees had been out swimming in the blue water.

“Traveling together with the crew has been an experience for a lifetime with a lot of friendships – it was indescribable to see how beautiful the blue sea was and how clear the sky was with all its stars”, describes Frederikke.

Why choose an Iridium tracking device?

S1 Iridium tracking device has proven that Iridium is suitable for global tracking. S1 is designed for tracking in the harshest environ­ments and is ideal for businesses that operate outside urban areas without GSM coverage. It is built on advanced and in­telligent technology in a smart design with features including long battery life and easy installation.

If you are interested in an Iridium tracking solution to track your equipment or cargo in areas without mobile coverage, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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