avril 7, 2017

Tracking from Pole-to-Pole

Trusted has carried out successful testing of its S1 Satellite/GPS tracking device

In cooperation with Royal Artic Line and on board two of their vessels – Arina Arctica and Mary Arctica – the Trusted S1 tracking device has performed in the toughest of environments.
Visits to Greenland and the Antarctica showed that the battery-powered S1 tracker performed well and as expected.

The actual S1 and T9 used for this test

Over a period of 6 months, the S1 Iridium tracker first was onboard Arina Arctica on a trip both east and west of Greenland up to Lat 78°. Then after returning from Greenland, the tracker was moved over to Mary Arctica for a trip to Antarctica for delivery of supplies to the Norwegian bases at Lat -72°.

S1 on its 9 months route from north to south and back

Antarctica is the coldest, windiest and driest continent on Earth, nevertheless, the S1 tracking device performed remarkable well without missing a single transmission report. On route, it also endured the heat at the equator, so a wide temperature range was tested as well. In all, the tracking device traveled more than 50.000 km, logging positions every hour and transmitting four reports per day. No position and no report were lost and all data were delivered timely and made visible and available online at the Trusted Visibility Suite.

CTO Nicolaj Haarup is mounting the S1 onboard Arina Arctica

The S1 tracking device supports true global coverage. S1 uses Iridium satellite communication that covers the earth from pole to pole.
For all equipment and assets working in regions and areas where there is no GSM coverage, the S1 will ensure that you maintain full visibility no matter if you are in the desert, on the savannah or at sea. Supply chain visibility and security are now fully available – from Pole to Pole.

Arina Arctica in stormy weather

S1 is built on the same principles as in our T-series of tracking devices. They have extreme battery lifetime and a design for use in harsh environments making the device suitable for heavy industry as well as for scientific and military use. S1 is IP69k rated and can be used in all-weather conditions in temperatures ranging from -30C to +85C.

S1 sends GPS reports every 1-24 hours and the battery will last for 6000+ reports. Given e.g. 2 reports/day this equals a battery lifetime of 8 years.
The S1 is a continuation of the Iridium satellite and GPS work Trusted has carried out in Africa since 2015. Here our trackers have been working in the field of anti-poaching and scientific wildlife tracking helping to secure endangered species like rhinos, elephants and many other animals.

CEO at Trusted A/S Niels Henrik Olesen stated: “The S1 tracking device is a welcome addition to the Trusted product portfolio. We see a great potential in the S1 tracker for secure logistic operations and asset management outside urban areas.”

The S1 will be commercially available end Q3 2017, for a broader range of customers.

Trusted products are available for global distribution via Trusted and selected Trusted partners/distributors.

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