février 13, 2020

Outsmarting the thief: Stolen machine recovered with Trusted A/S anti-theft tracking technology

Early one Thursday morning, a Trusted customer found his container with tools and machines broken into and a compactor missing. Luckily, the stolen machine was protected with a Trusted anti-theft tracking device.

Sometime during the night, a container with tools and machines was broken into by unknown thieves.

The owner noticed the break-in around 7.00 when arriving at the site to begin the day’s work. Upon investigation, he established that a compactor was missing from the container.

Normally, this is a hopelessly frustrating situation. And unfortunately, this is becoming all too common among craftsmen and on construction sites.

But luckily, the owner had in due time fitted his stolen compactor machine with a Trusted anti-theft tracking device. And this gave our customer the possibility of actually recovering his machine.

Outsmarting the thief with anti-theft tracking

At 9.00 the tracker sent its new position to the server. From his phone, our customer was able to read the position of his machine every five minutes, giving him complete visibility of his stolen belongings.

The machine was soon located on a parking lot at the side of a remote road in the countryside. This is a well-known tactic by thieves, who leave stolen machinery in remote areas to « cool off ».

At exactly 12.23, in time for lunch, our customer drove to the reported site to find an abandoned trailer that matched the location of the tracker.

Inside the trailer, he found the stolen compactor.

Trailer set fra bilvindue ved mark med træer i baggrunden

Fighting the rising plight of theft

Unfortunately, theft from construction sites, companies, and hardworking craftsmen is a well-known and rising tendency. Machines are stolen and hidden in remote areas to “cool off”.

However, with a Trusted anti-theft tracking solution you can beat the thief. Secure your valuable tools and key machinery, or fit your truck or containers with a durable and reliable tracking device.

Because the device is battery-powered, it can be hidden anywhere on your asset. This makes it difficult to find and to jam by thieves.

Your investment will pay itself off through the security it brings to your business. And another bonus is the feeling of justice and success you get when you are united with your belongings.

Just like what our customer felt on a Thursday, at 12.23, just in time for lunch.


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