February 23, 2017

A partnership that made two businesses flourish

At Trusted, we do not only have customers but also partners with whom we develop and refine our tracking devices and data loggers. We asked our partner CanTrack to share their experiences with our product and how it revolutionized their business. 

For more than a year, UK based telematics specialist CanTrack has been working with Trusted tracking devices to secure their clients’ assets, personnel, and vehicles.

CanTrack’s main product is stolen vehicle recovery, and the company prefers using the battery-powered devices from Trusted as these will not only tell the location of a lost vehicle but also reveal the condition and usage of the said vehicle.

“The moment you pick up a Trusted product it sets itself aside to anything else! It is what I would have made a product to be,” says managing director of CanTrack, Peter Thomson

We sat down with Peter Thompson for a Q&A of why CanTrack chose Trusted.

What was your first impression of Trusted?

I found Trusted via a search engine one night, and I actually stayed up all night reading all about their product.”

“Initially, I assumed it was a mere proof of concept, as I thought these designs and features could not already be real and functional. But I phoned Trusted and went to see them, and I immediately noticed the fantastic quality of the product as well as the high level of engineering.”

What made you interested in Trusted’s tracker?

The device is very versatile, but still very easy to install and get to work with.”

“The feature of having a QR code greatly reduces the risk of errors in the registration of assets or vehicles which is quite a big deal for a client with perhaps 2800 units.”

“Also, there’s potential for further development of the trackers and we can tell, that even when our clients may not be in direct need of some of the features, we usually close a deal because they acknowledge the potential.”

What do you see in the future of your collaboration?

This far, Trusted has been very open to our suggestions of modifications and features, and I hope in the future we’ll see more partners working this way towards their own individual goals as well as a shared goal of growth and development as many players get to share experiences and knowledge.”

“This will provide more inspiration, more feedback, and more and better improvements along the way.”

Where does CanTrack go from here?

We are always looking to expand CanTrack into fields not yet getting the benefits of telematics, i.e. outboard boat motors that are taken and are costly to replace.”

“We initially bought a certain amount of trackers and were quickly able to generate sales exceeding anyone’s expectations having to purchase even more devices, and we expect a steady and increasing growth over the next few years as we explore the possibilities in these new markets.”


  • CanTrack has been in business for 12 years
  • In total CanTrack has saved clients more than £200.000
  • The CanTrack recovery team includes former policemen
  • CanTrack has trackers for both assets, vehicles, and personnel

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